Grass-Fed Meat

Farmer's Market Season has arrived!!!  Come see us downtown Springfield (near the railroad tracks and JP Kelleys bar)....we are there every Saturday (weather permitting) from 8 am to noon!

About Us

The Canterbury Family has been raising prime Angus cattle in Central Illinois for over 50 years.  In 2004 we started raising Lowline Angus.  Lowline Angus are the original Angus from Scotland, which are proven to be more efficient, marble well on grass and are high quality breeding stock.  Jeff has been in the cattle business his entire life and had judged livestock on the collegian level while attending Blackhawk East College.  His love, dedication and passion for cattle has been passed along to Kristen, his daughter, who as well has been raised in the cattle business.  Both have shown in many cattle shows, participated in 4-H, FFA and other local activities. Jeff and his wife Lori reside on the family farm in Menard County, with their “pack” of Australian Cattle dogs and are blessed with their daughter Kristen and two sons, Blake, who is the head minister at Greenview Christian Church and Jared, Financial Advisor for Edward Jones.  Kristen resides in Sangamon County with her husband Bob and son Colin born in March of 2012.

About Our Beef

We are dedicated to providing all-natural food products with no hormones or antibiotics and pride ourselves on having the most-tender, lean, Omega-3 hearty cuts of meat available for our customers and their families.  Our cattle are raised on Midwestern grass pastures and are hand-picked to ensure you’ll receive the very best quality of meat available. Our cattle eat what Mother Nature provides….once you try grass fed meat you will be an instant convert.

Our beef is processed at Illinois, federally inspected processing facilities.  We currently use Thrushwood Farms in Galesburg Illinois and Eureka Locker in Eureka, Illinois.  Both are outstanding facilities and are top notch!

Ordering Information

As wholesale products are concerned, we can customize your order as you see fit.  From a whole cow to a pound of ground….we provide it processed and packaged, to in whole form for your butcher or chef to cut him or herself.  We currently packaged all of our individual cuts in frozen form, but can provide them fresh with notice.  Prices will vary per contract, so please ask us for a current price breakdown.

Current Pricing Information

Grass Fed Lowline Angus Beef                                        Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork

100% Grass Fed NO Hormones or Antibiotics        100% Pasture Raised NO Hormones or Antibiotics

1 LB Ground Pork

$7.00 LB.

1 LB Italian Ground Sausage

$7.50 LB.

1 LB Ground Sausage

$7.50 LB.

Bacon $7.50 LB
Pork Shoulder $7.50 LB
Bone In Pork Chops $7.50 LB
Boneless Tenderloin Roast $20.00 LB
Spare Ribs 1/2 Rack $5.00 LB

1 LB Ground Beef

$7.25 LB

4 Pk ¼ LB Ground Beef Patties

$8.25 LB

Chuck Roast (2.5-3LBS) $7.50 LB
Rump Roast (2.5-3Lbs) $8.50 LB
Sirloin, Tbone, Ribeye Steaks (2pk) $17.50 PK
Filet/Tenderloin Steaks (2 pk) $30.00 PK
Stew Meat (1-1.5 Lbs) $5.00 PK
Liver, Oxtail, Tongue  $5.00 Pk

Whole, Half, Economy, Grilling Package and Sampler Package

We do carry whole, half and quarter beef, along with whole or half hogs.

Quarter Beef, or what we refer to as our Economy Package, which consists of 2 each (2 steaks per pack) of Ribeyes, T-bones and Sirloin Steaks, 40 lbs of Ground Beef, 4-4pk Hamburger Patties and 4 Roasts (Chuck, Rump, Sirloin Tip and Arm).  This is already processed, so all you have to do is call your order in!  $525.00

Whole or Half Beef or Hog- with a $250.00 deposit, we can hold a whole or half beef/hog for you!  We process year round on beef an all seasons but winter on hogs.  A half of beef usually runs around 250 lbs for a half (this is charged per hang weight).  You pay the processing which usually runs about $180-200.  A half of hog usually is around 100 lbs hang weight, with processing about $100-150, based on the cuts and sausages.  Please note, when wanting to purchase wholes or halves, it takes between 30-45 days from the day we take them to the processor to get them to your freezer; our beef hangs at least 21 days and pork (if you get hams, bacon, etc.) can take 20 days to process.  Please ask us for the current hang weight rate.

Grilling Package- 2 packages (2 steaks per) of T-bones, Ribeyes and Sirloin Steaks & 6 Lbs of Ground Beef.  $140.00

Sampler Package- 1 package (2 steaks per) of T-bones, Ribeyes and Sirloin Steaks, 10 lbs of Ground Beef and 1 Chuck Roast. $140.00

Contact us today to place your order or find us at the retail locations below!!

Current Retail/Restraunt Locations

Food Fantasies
Country Market
Roberts Seafood

Farmers Markets
Downtown Springfield Farmers Market (Adams Street)

Dublin O'Neils Pub
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